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Feb 27, 2022

Typical CDFA denies petitions without looking at them.  They claim that the sections used for authority are invalid.  Do they call us to discuss this?  No typical CDFA.  We do not know how CDFA came up with that response.     Because CDFA said they did not have to go through the APA process just 8 months ago, and the authority they used to get out of that mess was the same authority they say we cannot use for our petition. Typical double standards by CDFA. 

Someone asked me, “shouldn’t CDFA be neutral in these petitions we have submitted.”  The answer is yes and we have no idea why CDFA is fighting as hard as they can to defeat any type of vote to rid ourselves of this cancer.

The Second petition they denied for the same reason, and that is just plain wrong.  How can our authority be wrong when it comes straight from the QIP and also Chapter 3 and 3.5 of the Food and Ag Code. 

Do not worry, we anticipated CDFA not doing the right thing.  We are going to hold our own referendum and our own means – our industry.  We will invite all the coops and trade associations to send a representative to join us when we confirm all the addresses and confirm the ballots being put into the mailbag and then we will all take the mailbag to the Post office and wait 60 days and go pick up the ballots together and go to a room and count the ballots together.  A fair referendum by our industry to determine if we want the QIP.

 Could someone tell us why Save QIP and CDFA spent all of that money and time to stop us from exercising our rights under the law is nothing short of incredulous, if not criminal. Pray for them.

We will be filing a reversal petition in the next couple weeks.

See all our petitions by following this link: https://stopqipdairytax.com/petitions/


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