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February 2021

Politics Thick in QIP Fight, CDFA Announces Referendum

By Pete Hardin, from The Milkweed | During his rough-and-tumble years in California, Mark Twain wrote: “Whiskey is for drinking and water is for fighting.”

In California’s dairy industry, another liquid is “for fighin” – milk, or more specifically, the money behind that liquid (milk). The current fight focuses on $160 million annually deducted from all Grade A California dairy producers’ milk checks to fund the Quota Implementation Program (QIP). $0.38/cwt. is deducted from all Grade A state producers monthly milk checks. That money funds payouts of around $1.70/cwt. to a minority of California dairy producers who own “quota.”

After years of rock-bottom milk prices, the “have nots” (i.e., producers holding little or no quota) are objecting to their milk income being drained to fund the “haves” (quota holders). Efforts to force a producer referendum on continuing the QIP commenced in late 2018.

Very recently, California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) Secretary Karen Ross announced there will be a referendum among state dairy producers on a referendum to sunset the QIP in 2025…

News Archives

Producer Tells CA FMMO: Stop Deducting Unauthorized QIP Assessment

January 2020 | “Chino, California dairy producer Craig Gordon has elevated his battle against the state’s Quota Implementation Program (QIP) to a higher authority: the California Federal Milk Order (#51)…

Stop QIP's Latest Thrust v. California's "Milk Quota Tax"

December 2020 | “The words of an attorney for the California Department of Food and Agriculture clearly admits that the “tax” to fund payments to quota holders in that state did not follow proper precedues…

Craig Gordon Details QIP Battle, Producer's Frustrations in California

October 2020 | “Despite some setbacks, efforts by the group of California dairy producers continue to try to overturn the Quota Implementation Plan (QIP). That’s the administrative mechanism by which …

Politics Getting Thick in California's 'Stop QIP' Effort

February 2020 | “The battle involving efforts by 350 California dairy producers to terminate that state’s Quota Implememtation Program (QIP) has become white-hot in the past couple months…

'Stop QIP' Effort in California Gaining Steam

November 2019 | “Dairy producers in California targeting the state’s milk quota program for ‘retirement’ have re-targeted their legal challenges …

Unrest in Golden State: Challenge $1.1 Bil. Quota System

November 2018 | “Sources in California report that a nucleus of dairy producers has started circulating a petition seeking signatures of state dairy producers in an effort to force state officials …

Farmdale Creamery Letter

November 2018 | Read this article written by Scott D. Hofferber, CFO of Farmdale Creamery.  He gives his opinion on the quota in his own words …

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