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We are a coalition of dairymen who support the elimination of the Quota Implementation Program (QIP) as it provides an unfair pricing advantage to certain dairymen at the expense of others.  Read our full story below.

Our Story

The Quota Implementation Program (QIP) is an entitlement program that provides an unfair pricing advantage to certain dairymen. The Stop QIP Dairy Tax Coalition seeks to remove this advantage and level the playing field for all dairymen.

By ending the unjust QIP Dairy Tax, California Grade A producers will no longer have to pay the minimum $.38 cwt. on every pound of milk that they produce in California.

QIP was a state-wide referendum in 2017 and was implemented when the CA Federal Milk Marketing Order (FMMO) was passed. Its sole purpose is to take this money and redistribute it to a select group of Quota holders to the tune of $12 million dollars per month.

The math is staggering. In the last 20 years at $12 million each month, the quota holders have been paid over $2.8 BILLION.  All this money came from dairymen forced to pay the QIP dairy tax. A crushing amount of money seized from already struggling dairies. Over 500 dairies have gone out of business since 2007 and more will face that same fate if this one-sided tax remains in effect.

It is up to us to end this redistribution of our money. Join the coalition and end the unjust QIP Dairy Tax!

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“The evil that one endures patiently because it seems inevitable becomes unbearable the moment it’s elimination becomes conceivable.”

– alexis de tocqueville

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