How dare they! They should be ashamed of themselves! So privileged… Disgusting!!

The Save QIP Dairymen have fooled a lot of poeople but they never fool Stop QIP for one minute!  Click the link below to see the ridiculous way they have found to spend our quota money!

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Every 6.3 years we give the quota holders 1 billion dollars… learn more!

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We have two active appeals in court and have filed a formal complaint against CDFA to the APA

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How dare they! They should be ashamed of themselves! So privileged, disgusting!! 

Quota Leaders endorse the Sunset proposal. Read full article by clicking link below.

Aren’t you glad you are not one of them!  Click the link below to learn more!

Watch the most important STOP QIP Video by clicking below now!

Why does QIP need to be stopped?

The Quota Implementation Program (QIP) is an entitlement program that provides an unfair pricing advantage to the “Favored 300” dairymen.

Join us in fighting the unfair QIP Tax!

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Aren't You Glad You Are Not One of Them?

June 25, 2021 | They fooled: Judge Aspinwall, OAL, Secretary Ross, CDFA, Attorney General’s Office, APA, State Legislature, FPPC and the CA Dairy Industry… But they never fooled us for one minute!  This is a typical example of the Save QIP dairymen that declared under oath at the StopQIP heaing to Terminate… 

United Dairy Families' Sunset Plan is Our Best Bet

March 23, 2021 | In 2019, United Dairy Families of California (UDFC) was created with the purpose of providing an alternative option to – what was our first choice – the outright, immediate termination of the Quota Implementation Plan. In June 2020, after initiating a multi-phased, producer involved process … 

And now for the rest of the story...

March 12, 2021 |Instead of appealing to the entitled few with phrases like “preserve your equity”, the Favored 300 ought to just come out and say, “vote no, so we can continue taking your money every month for the rest of your life” because the reality is, without us, they don’t have a money scheme anymore…

May 2021

Critics Cite “Georgia-Style” Tactics by CDFA in QIP Referendum

From The Milkweed, By Pete Hardin – Grade A dairy producers in California are currently in the final few weeks of United Dairy Families Sunset referendum during which they may vote to continue, or sunset, that state’s Quota Implementation Program (QIP – California’s farm milk quotas).

Critics of the QIP program are pointing to numerous instances of heavy-handed oversight of the referendum by the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA). Restricted ballots and a lack of transparency prevail – tactics similar to what Republican legislators in Georgia crafted recently under the guise of “election reform.”

In the case of California’s current QIP vote among Grade A dairy producers, CDFA’s antics look like a clear case of “election deform.”

California producers’ votes in the current referendum must be post-marked by June 1. The referendum has Grade A California dairy producers voting on whether to continue the QIP program as is, or else to “sunset” it in 2025.

The QIP deducts $0.38/cwt. from all Grade A milk producers’ incomes, and pays out up to $1.70/cwt. to the minority of dairy farmers who own quota…

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