We did it! Thank you everybody!

We filed our first Petition #1 last Thursday and we filed our Petition #2 this Tuesday. We had over 325 signatures, which is well over the 233 necessary to reach the automatic hearing and referendum 25%.  More details to follow, Merry Christmas!

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Every 6.3 years we give the quota holders 1 billion dollars… learn more!

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We are ahead of schedule! 263 of 6 Petitions and 19 more committed.

We are retracting our Vierra Story! We did not have all the info, turns out it is much worse!

What do you do about a Dad who has quota and his son wants to be in the dairy business?

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The Quota Implementation Program (QIP) is an entitlement program that provides an unfair pricing advantage to the “Favored 300” dairymen.

Join us in fighting the unfair QIP Tax!

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Stop QIP Appeal to be Heard January 18, 2022

Stop QIP Appeal to be Heard January 18, 2022

Tuesday the 18th of January our much anticipated appeal will be heard  by a panel of 3 Justices from the District 3 Appellate  Court of California.   You can go to the Appellate courts web site (https://www.courts.ca.gov/3dca.htm) and get the instructions on how...

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WUD Quota Calculator

WUD Quota Calculator

It is a no wonder that Dairymen think quota is a great investment, when you have Western United Quota Dairyman put a quota calculator in their quota section. It is this kind of lack of truth that got us in this problem of quota in the first place. How can you have a...

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September 13, 2021

CA Farmers, Worried About Water, May Be a Force in Recall Vote

From The New York Times, By Christian Morales – Craig Gordon, the owner of several dairy farms near Los Angeles, is a lifelong Democrat. He supported Senator Bernie Sanders for president, he doesn’t like former President Donald J. Trump and he voted for Gov. Gavin Newsom in 2018.

But lately, he said, high taxes on milk, coronavirus shutdowns that have cut into his sales and state-imposed limitations on water for agriculture have made him so angry at Mr. Newsom that he has paid for seven billboards throughout the state — most of them in the Central Valley, which produces a quarter of the nation’s food — urging people to remove the governor in Tuesday’s recall election.

Mr. Gordon said he has spent about $44,000 for the billboards. “If I had to spend my last dime to get rid of this guy, I would,” he said. School closings during the pandemic have inflicted losses in milk sales of roughly $15,000 a day, he said. Between that financial blow and his taxes, he said, he’ll have to sell his cows and close the business by next year.

Farmers are a key constituency in California, where the $50 billion agricultural sector makes up about 3 percent of the state’s gross domestic product. During this year of exceptional drought, they are feeling the pinch of water restrictions, prompting many to support the recall of Mr. Newsom and choose a successor who they feel supports small businesses and will fight hard for their water needs…

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