We will not quit until we terminate the QIP!

Jun 21, 2023

Stop QIP Is far from quitting and we will not quit until we terminate the QIP.We want  our quota assessments  back  and we want to sue for our actual damages and ask for punitive  damages from CDFA and the Intervenors. Here is another example of how CDFA and the PRB are violating the law. They stole producers refund money  in broad daylight. Western United Dairyman and Milk Producers did not report this crime to their members.  Explain that?


  1. Over a 2-year period – CDFA over charged all Grade A Producers on their Quota Payments.  This created a Surplus of 17 million Dollars.

PRB Solutions

  1. Solution # 1 Reduce the amount CDFA charges all Grade A Producers for 4-6 months, until the Surplus is gone.
  2. Solution # 2 Over the 2-year period, CDFA taxed all Grade A Producers $314,000,000.  So, divide the Surplus of $17,000,000 by the $314,000,000 tax they collected, and you get .0541%.  Multiply whatever the amount each Producer paid into the tax, over the 2 year period by .0541% and all grade A producers receive that amount as a refund.

Arguments for Solution # 1

  1. Solution # 1 is the way we have always done it in the past, and it should not change.
  2. It would be too hard to implement Solution # 2.
  3. Producers who went out of business cannot get their refund, because according to CDFA, they are no longer Producers, even though, they were producers when CDFA took their overpayment.

Arguments against Solution # 1

  1. Solution # 1 cheats all of the producers who went out of business, because they can’t get the discount for the 4-6 months CDFA is reducing the tax.  So, the remaining Producers are stealing the money of the Producers who just went out of business.
  2.  Solution # 1 is unfair because it allows Producers who just bought herds to take advantage of the reduced rate on the tax being taken by CDFA for the 4-6 months.  In essence they are using producer refund money, from Producers who went out of business in the last 2 years.

Summary, CDFA overcharged all producers, but only gave that overcharge to those dairies that are still producing milk and took all the refunds of those Producers who went out of business and used it for their gain.

The PRB voted 8-2 for Solution #1, taking the discount at the expense of other Producers.

Chairman – Art Van Beek

Vice Chairman – Will Dyt

Tony Nunes III
John Moons
Kerri Vanderpoel
Joey Fernandes
Fred Fagundes
Case Van Steyn

Those opposed to stealing Producers overpayments:

Craig Gordon
Frank Konyn


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