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Nov 18, 2021 | 0 comments

We are Ahead of schedule. We have 263 Packets of 6 Petitions signed and we have 19 more that are committed. According to the Sunset there are 933 Dairies, and we need 233 Signatures or 25% to submit our petitions to a referendum. Now remember the law is not as it is written but how Secretary Ross and the AG’s office’s want to do things. We won’t start the referendum until we reach 300 + Petitions.

The lists of eligible dairymen they have provided us are filled with inaccuracies and errors. We had over 30 addresses that do not exist with the Post Office, we had some 40 return to Senders, 2 dead people and 39 dairies that went out of business. Who are they taxing and who are they paying with this list? We have asked Steven Donaldson of CDFA on numerous occasions to give us the eligible producers list they used in the Sunset Referendum. He refuses our requests.

They will still not tell us who the 83 invalid petitions were back in 2018. We live in a Democracy??? You are Brainwashed – if you believe that Newsom, Ross, the AG, and CDFA believe in the Law.

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