Where is our Leadership when our Government Stomps on our Rights?

Nov 19, 2021 | 0 comments

Why has Western United Dairymen, Milk Producers Council, California Dairies Inc., Dairy farmers of America and Land of Lakes done nothing when Dairymen’s Rights get trampled on by our government who is supposed to be serving us. God knows we pay them enough. It is one thing to not take a position on Quota, even though it is illegal and destroying our industry, but where were they when CDFA told us our petitions were invalid and they refuse to tell us which ones were not valid?

Where are they when CDFA has stocked the PRB Board with 13 quota holders and 2 non quota holders. It certainly does not represent the dairy industry; you know the board should be a microcosm of the dairy industry. It should have closer to 9 quota and 6 non quota and two of the quota should be quota holders with less than 15% quota, to be representative of our industry. Where was the industry when CDFA ignored a petition of 367 signatures right to have a referendum? Where was the industry when CDFA declined our invitation to get the right list of addresses, and whose signatures would be counted by CDFA in UDF’s Sunset petition. Not a peep from these so-called leaders of our industry.

Consequently, we had dairymen who did not receive ballots and one dairy with over 10,000 cows was not allowed to vote since he had just purchased the dairy, but they refused the original owner also. Not a peep from these so-called leaders of our industry.

Trump’s treatment in the elections should be investigated and supported not by just Republicans but by Democrats, independents, and everyone, who believes in fair elections? It is an American issue, as is the issues just named in this article. They are trampling on dairymen’s rights and our leaders are sitting idly by.

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