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Apr 25, 2022

Coming to theaters soon, The Quota  Racket  starring Gavin Newsom, Karen Ross, Nial McCarthy, Matt Swanson, and a supporting cast led by the famous Intervenors.  

Based on a true story, you will see a racket that makes Al Capone look like a Sunday School Teacher.

See how Billions of dollars that are taken from dairymen in California are spent.  Would you believe $355,000 was spent on just one cow?!  Ever wonder who sits in those Golden State Warriors courtside seats at a cost of $126,000 per seat, you will find out in The Quota Racket.

Watch the tragedy of the 500 California dairymen and their families and workers families that went out of business in the last 6 years while paying this tax.  That is 1/3 of the dairy industry in California. 

See how a small group of dairy men representing over half of the industry valiantly fight, the Sewer in Sacramento.  A Governor whose net worth has increased over 4 million dollars while serving in public office.

A bureaucracy that is bent on stopping the dairymen’s right to vote out this illgal tax, and a court system that you must see to believe it.

If you think you are living in a democracy and you have rights, watch this movie to get a real look at reality in America. 

It is a must see, but leave the kids at home, you need a strong stomach to watch. The Quota Racket, it gives new meaning to the word Democracy.

Let’s stop the unfair QIP dairy tax for good!


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