Petition #1 Update

Apr 26, 2022

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We never could get a list of who CDFA  says, has the right to vote according to CDFA.  Therefore, they submarined our time limit on the Petition of 90 days.

They also wrongfully denied it because we cited Division 21 Part 2, Chapter 1  – California Marketing Act of 1937.   CDFA in arguing with the APA on why they did not turn the QIP into the APA cited this very code of the Food and AG Code.   Now it is not any good. Typical Governor Newsom tactics. What is good for him is not good for us, two different standards here.

CDFA claimed that we could not use a printed signature date without supporting documentation.

Also, if you look at Chapter 3 and Chapter 3.5 headings, you will see that they are inclusive of DIVISION 21. MARKETING [58001 – 63129].

CDFA will not answer our questions on their denial of Petition #1.

We will pursue this in the courts, because CDFA refuse to discuss these petitions without a court being involved.

What are the Quota holders afraid of?  A Vote?

Let’s stop the unfair QIP Dairy tax for good!


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