Petition #3 Update

Apr 28, 2022

To view the original Petition #3 that was submitted, click here.

CDFA is stalling again and not doing what the Food and Ag Code and Civil procedures call for, but what is new.

We should have had an answer back from Secretary Ross over a month ago, on whether she is sending the petition on to the illegal Producer Review Board or rejecting the petition. Remember the PRB Board has not had a meeting in over two years and is operating without a budget and operating as an underground Regulation and operating in two Chapters 3 and 3.5 that have been terminated or suspended as a matter of law, when the Federal Order was established in California.  It is also operating with a Board that is not in compliance with Section 62719 of Chapter 3.

Chairmen Fred Douma is responsible for calling a meeting. Mr. Douma should have the answers to why they have not called a meeting and why they have been operating an underground regulation the QIP and why they are not in compliance with 62719, and the vice chair is Arie DeJong.

The Petition calls for a reversal of payments and payouts under Chapter 3 with a super majority vote, just like CDFA told the courts is the only way they would accept a petition.  So, we are expecting a referendum very soon. Well?

 Do not expect CDFA to do the right thing? We will have to go to court to demand your rights?

 What are the Quota holders afraid of?   A Vote?


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